APM Cleaning Complete on Commercial Property Purchase

APMfe471cf786e71b760edf08026c46e53613508d7f_645_430 Cleaning Ltd have purchased a commercial property at Kingfisher House, Team Valley, Gateshead.

The new premises are ideally situated for the main arterial routes of the North East and the significant increase in footprint will facilitate business growth.

Management staff will concentrate on the implementation of internal structural amendments and installation of communications and IT over the next couple of weeks.  Once a parallel system is fully up and running, operations will be moved across in full from week commencing 20 June 2016.

Clients are welcome to drop in and view our new premises and join us for a tea/coffee.

The APM Cleaning Ltd team would like to thank the staff, old and new, at the i8 Lynnwood Business Centre for their support during our 11 years of trading at the start up unit.

Cleaning Extractor Hood Filters

greasy filter before and afterThere is lots of advice on how to clean your extractor hood filter, unfortunately, most rely on having products that aren’t always available in your larder cupboard (I’ve seen methods using mineral oil, vinegar, fresh lemons, baking soda the list goes on).

If you don’t clean your extractor hood and filter regularly, it will inevitably be covered in heavy grease deposits. The method that we use to remove grease is pretty simple; heat + degreaser + elbow grease = clean filter!!

Firstly remove your filter(s) (refer to you user manual if required) and place in hot water with washing up liquid (everyday degreaser). Leave the filter in the solution and allow the heat and product to break down the grease. After 10 minutes use a nylon brush and gently scrub until the filter is grease free. Finally rinse off with hot water, dry and replace.

You can also clean your filter in your dishwasher. This is effective for regular maintenance cleaning but only once a deep clean has been carried out. If you clean a filter heavily laden with grease in your dishwasher for the first time in months/ever, the grease will transfer from your filter to the inside of your machine rendering your dishwasher ineffective – not recommended!

Cleaning Your Extractor Hood

Your extractor hood clears the air of smoke and grease from everyday cooking but this will eventually result in a build up of residue. Over time, grease will build up and clog your extractor hood filters and leave your hood looking shabby. For heavy grease deposits carefully use a plastic scraper initially to remove the majority of the residue. To complete the clean of your hood use a de-greasing product in hot water to remove the remaining greasy deposit before wiping off and buffing with a clean cloth.

For stainless steel hoods, finish by polishing with a dry microfibre cloth moving in the direction of the grain.

Caring for your carpet & rugs (Part 3)

Carpets generally leave the carpet manufacturer with both a natural resistance to staining and also a fibre protection treatment.

After a period of time, especially in high traffic areas, protection wears off.  When this happens carpet fibres are vulnerable and can be damaged.  All is not lost however; carpets can be treated with a polymer protector.

At APM Cleaning we use WoolSafe approved products to protect against accidents and spillages and extend the life of your carpet.

Caring for your carpet & rugs (Part 2)

Nylon Carpets under the microscope

Your carpet and rugs acts like a filter trapping soil and dirt and allergy triggers such as dust mites, mould spores, pollen and pet dander.

Vacuuming regularly and thoroughly reduces the levels of particulate contamination within carpet fibres and also improves the appearance of your carpet and rugs.

Is vacuuming your carpet enough?  The images show reduced levels of contamination but significantly better results are achievable using a hot wash extraction carpet cleaning technique.

At APM we are IICRC and WoolSafe accredited and only use fully tested and endorsed WoolSafe products.



Caring for your carpet & rugs (Part 1)

entrance-matting-brown_1Installing barrier mats at all outside entrances to your home or workplace is highly recommended.  This simple measure will significantly reduce the rate at which the carpet will soil.  The mats should be of adequate size to effectively remove dirt from the soles of your shoes and must be cleaned regularly to prevent soil transfer.  Source WoolSafe UK.

APM Cleaning take on new staff

APM Cleaning are on a strong recruiting drive and have recently taken on two extra members of staff Ryan and Tracey.  Both members of staff have cleaning experience and are both drivers.

Tracey will be assigned to a driver cleaning role whilst Ryan will join the handyman support team.  Visit the ‘meet the team’ section for more detail and mug shots!!

APM Cleaning joins forces with Infection Prevention Solutions

Recognising the importance of providing a cleaning service to support the medical sector in the fight against infection control, APM Cleaning have joined the Infection Prevention Solutions Partnership Programme.

An initial meeting was held in our offices in Newcastle between Samantha and Paul, our Director and Operations Manager respectively, and the Director of Infection Control Cleaning management, Karen Foulis.  The Infection Control Cleaning Partnership Programme has many benefits and will ensure that APM Cleaning have the managerial and organisation processes in place to confidently deliver the high cleaning standards required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Our aim is to deliver and exceed the standards for environmental cleanliness as addressed in the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry by establishing a robust Infection Control Cleaning Management structure and achieve ‘Approved Partnership’ status by late 2016.