Olivia joins APM Cleaning for Work Experience

Olivia Work Experience_24062016Admittedly, I had some anxieties about departing from the comfort and schedule of school, however the apprehensions that I felt before beginning my experience at APM Cleaning were rapidly calmed by the friendly and approachable staff at the new offices; which were unfamiliar not only to me but the staff also! Feeling as though I have benefitted the company a small amount by completing tasks which I was at first unfamiliar with has left me with a feeling of pride and confidence which I can say has honestly improved over the last five days. Not only did I practise a variety of tasks that could be applied to other professions, I have most importantly thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I’ve been given the opportunity to work within a friendly team and understand the office basics: word, excel, invoicing and banking and customer communication; this, I was most apprehensive about but quickly overcame this. Overall, this has been a successful and valuable experience and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how it has went.


Cleaner – Employee Benefits

Fed up with unpredictable hours?

Expectations to use your own fuel and transport to travel to cleaning tasks?

Pushed towards the self employment and zero hour contract to avoid pension rights?

Only paid for the time you’re actually cleaning with no travelling time allowance?

Our staff are on committed contracts, bonus pay schemes for drivers, supervision and training roles, we pay your NI and pension contributions – join a company that looks after our most important asset – our staff.

Call the APM Cleaning recruitment line now.

Summer Jobs and Work Opportunities

We are looking for keen and enthusiastic temporary staff to work over the summer period and weekends.

Cleaning is a great way to earn extra money and also brilliant exercise to keep fit.

Why work unsocial bar hours when you can work during the day and have money in your pocket to spend as you like.

Applicants must be able to speak English and have a decent understanding of the English written word.

Applicants must have excellent personal hygiene and appearance, must be trustworthy, reliable, honest and hard working.



Interested?  Call our recruitment line on 07534987137.