Air BnB and Meet & Greet

mg-bed-2Since early summer this year we have mg-front-room
been offering a service to support Landlords using Air BnB (there are other online letting agents!).  Our Landlord clients are now into double figures and we have serviced over 300 flats and properties over the last few months.  Things have really taken off (excuse the pun).

We have had several requests ranging from an initial meet and greet, full hotel service (provision of and change of bedding linen and towelling, supply of tea, coffee, bespoke welcome packs), collection of funds and disposal of rubbish and cleaning at the end of the stay.

Royal Navy Rugby League Veterans Charity Cycle Ride Part 2

RNRL veterans cycling for charity fjThe Royal Navy Veterans have completed their charity event raising over £800.  They are all feeling a little stiff especially Kenny, who at 65 years of age, was feeling the pace towards the end of the cycle ride.  Well done boys.

Royal Navy Rugby League Veterans Charity Cycle Ride

RNRL veterans cycling for charityDuring his military service our Operations Manager Paul played Rugby League for a number of years for both the Royal Navy and Combined Services teams.  ‘Band of Brothers’ members Chris Sanford, Izzy Gay and the legend coach Kenny ‘Carry the Piano’ Taylor are pictured enjoying the sun before starting another training session in preparation for the Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Challenge.  The event is a 146 mile ride across the hills of Yorkshire on the 16 and 17 Jul 16.  The charity the veteran servicemen are raising money for this year is Ryedale Special Families.  APM Cleaning have contributed to this most worthy cause but any further funding from our generous client base would be very welcome!!  The Ryedale Special Families charity provides support for children and young adults with disabilities, special needs and illness throughout Ryedale, North Yorkshire and has been established for over 25 years. 

Olivia joins APM Cleaning for Work Experience

Olivia Work Experience_24062016Admittedly, I had some anxieties about departing from the comfort and schedule of school, however the apprehensions that I felt before beginning my experience at APM Cleaning were rapidly calmed by the friendly and approachable staff at the new offices; which were unfamiliar not only to me but the staff also! Feeling as though I have benefitted the company a small amount by completing tasks which I was at first unfamiliar with has left me with a feeling of pride and confidence which I can say has honestly improved over the last five days. Not only did I practise a variety of tasks that could be applied to other professions, I have most importantly thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I’ve been given the opportunity to work within a friendly team and understand the office basics: word, excel, invoicing and banking and customer communication; this, I was most apprehensive about but quickly overcame this. Overall, this has been a successful and valuable experience and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how it has went.


Cleaner – Employee Benefits

Fed up with unpredictable hours?

Expectations to use your own fuel and transport to travel to cleaning tasks?

Pushed towards the self employment and zero hour contract to avoid pension rights?

Only paid for the time you’re actually cleaning with no travelling time allowance?

Our staff are on committed contracts, bonus pay schemes for drivers, supervision and training roles, we pay your NI and pension contributions – join a company that looks after our most important asset – our staff.

Call the APM Cleaning recruitment line now.

Summer Jobs and Work Opportunities

We are looking for keen and enthusiastic temporary staff to work over the summer period and weekends.

Cleaning is a great way to earn extra money and also brilliant exercise to keep fit.

Why work unsocial bar hours when you can work during the day and have money in your pocket to spend as you like.

Applicants must be able to speak English and have a decent understanding of the English written word.

Applicants must have excellent personal hygiene and appearance, must be trustworthy, reliable, honest and hard working.



Interested?  Call our recruitment line on 07534987137.

APM Cleaning Complete on Commercial Property Purchase

APMfe471cf786e71b760edf08026c46e53613508d7f_645_430 Cleaning Ltd have purchased a commercial property at Kingfisher House, Team Valley, Gateshead.

The new premises are ideally situated for the main arterial routes of the North East and the significant increase in footprint will facilitate business growth.

Management staff will concentrate on the implementation of internal structural amendments and installation of communications and IT over the next couple of weeks.  Once a parallel system is fully up and running, operations will be moved across in full from week commencing 20 June 2016.

Clients are welcome to drop in and view our new premises and join us for a tea/coffee.

The APM Cleaning Ltd team would like to thank the staff, old and new, at the i8 Lynnwood Business Centre for their support during our 11 years of trading at the start up unit.

Cleaning Extractor Hood Filters

greasy filter before and afterThere is lots of advice on how to clean your extractor hood filter, unfortunately, most rely on having products that aren’t always available in your larder cupboard (I’ve seen methods using mineral oil, vinegar, fresh lemons, baking soda the list goes on).

If you don’t clean your extractor hood and filter regularly, it will inevitably be covered in heavy grease deposits. The method that we use to remove grease is pretty simple; heat + degreaser + elbow grease = clean filter!!

Firstly remove your filter(s) (refer to you user manual if required) and place in hot water with washing up liquid (everyday degreaser). Leave the filter in the solution and allow the heat and product to break down the grease. After 10 minutes use a nylon brush and gently scrub until the filter is grease free. Finally rinse off with hot water, dry and replace.

You can also clean your filter in your dishwasher. This is effective for regular maintenance cleaning but only once a deep clean has been carried out. If you clean a filter heavily laden with grease in your dishwasher for the first time in months/ever, the grease will transfer from your filter to the inside of your machine rendering your dishwasher ineffective – not recommended!

Cleaning Your Extractor Hood

Your extractor hood clears the air of smoke and grease from everyday cooking but this will eventually result in a build up of residue. Over time, grease will build up and clog your extractor hood filters and leave your hood looking shabby. For heavy grease deposits carefully use a plastic scraper initially to remove the majority of the residue. To complete the clean of your hood use a de-greasing product in hot water to remove the remaining greasy deposit before wiping off and buffing with a clean cloth.

For stainless steel hoods, finish by polishing with a dry microfibre cloth moving in the direction of the grain.

Caring for your carpet & rugs (Part 3)

Carpets generally leave the carpet manufacturer with both a natural resistance to staining and also a fibre protection treatment.

After a period of time, especially in high traffic areas, protection wears off.  When this happens carpet fibres are vulnerable and can be damaged.  All is not lost however; carpets can be treated with a polymer protector.

At APM Cleaning we use WoolSafe approved products to protect against accidents and spillages and extend the life of your carpet.