Cleaning Extractor Hood Filters

greasy filter before and afterThere is lots of advice on how to clean your extractor hood filter, unfortunately, most rely on having products that aren’t always available in your larder cupboard (I’ve seen methods using mineral oil, vinegar, fresh lemons, baking soda the list goes on).

If you don’t clean your extractor hood and filter regularly, it will inevitably be covered in heavy grease deposits. The method that we use to remove grease is pretty simple; heat + degreaser + elbow grease = clean filter!!

Firstly remove your filter(s) (refer to you user manual if required) and place in hot water with washing up liquid (everyday degreaser). Leave the filter in the solution and allow the heat and product to break down the grease. After 10 minutes use a nylon brush and gently scrub until the filter is grease free. Finally rinse off with hot water, dry and replace.

You can also clean your filter in your dishwasher. This is effective for regular maintenance cleaning but only once a deep clean has been carried out. If you clean a filter heavily laden with grease in your dishwasher for the first time in months/ever, the grease will transfer from your filter to the inside of your machine rendering your dishwasher ineffective – not recommended!