Everything You Need To Know About COVID-19 Deep Cleaning

At APM Cleaning and Repair, we offer commercial and domestic cleaning services to customers right across the north of the country. Cleaning office blocks, Extra Care facilities for local authorities, social housing communal areas, lobbies and stairways is what we do day in, day out, but in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve seen an increase in queries and concerns from our customers about how to keep themselves and staff safe.



APM Cleaning and Repair’s Guide to COVID-19 Deep Cleaning

  1. Use virucidal disinfectants

Cleaning an area with normal household disinfectant after someone with suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) has left will reduce the risk of passing the infection on to other people. All dirt must be removed from all surfaces before using virucidal products.


  1. Wear PPE – and dispose of it properly

Our team will always wear disposable gloves, masks and aprons for cleaning. To conserve PPE in accordance with Government guidelines, aprons and masks are used when cleaning bathrooms.


  1. Pay attention to high touch points (HTP)

Our knowledgeable team pay particular attention to frequently touched areas and surfaces, such as the under-sides of handrails, chair arms, light switches and door handles.


  1. Wash your hands according to government guidelines

In-keeping with Government guidelines, we’re washing our hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds and using hand-sanitiser between jobs. Our staff are trained to thoroughly clean their hands using UV hand cream and a UV torch which shows up any areas they have missed when washing.


  1. Thoroughly clean bathrooms

Covid-19 is found in body fluids (not sweat). Bathrooms are a particularly risky area and must be thoroughly cleaned before disinfecting.

The infection risk from cCOVID-19 on surfaces decreases over time. Government guidance shares studies of other viruses in the same family, which suggest that the risk is likely to be reduced significantly after 72 hours.


Book your deep clean with APM Cleaning and Repair

APM’s cleaners are classed as key workers in this crisis as we clean for Local Authorities in Extra Care facilities and Social Housing Providers developments, which makes us perfectly positioned to come in and give Care homes and offices in the north a deep clean to ensure hygiene levels are acceptable.

Following soil removal, APM can spray virucidal product using our state of the art VP300 Electrostatic Backpack sprayer. This equipment ensures the virucidal product ‘wraps around’ surfaces to cover them entirely and ensures the product contact time is achieved.

APM can verify the cleans’ effectiveness using our Hygiena Ensure ATP testing kit.

If your key workers are working and observing social distancing right now, you can Book APM Cleaning and Repair to come into your commercial premises to carry out a deep clean for added peace of mind. Or, contact us today to organise your deep clean for your business so your staff are able return to work.

All our work is guaranteed, just call us on 0191 273 4600 and a member of our team will be happy to help you