The A-Z of APM Cleaning: Our mission, vision for the future and values

The A-Z of APM Cleaning: Our mission, vision for the future and values

Get to know us from the top, to the bottom… 

APM Cleaning is known for the high quality of our work, reliability and professionalism.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes across the North work with us as their supplier of choice for commercial cleaning.

Cleaning is about so much more than a mop and bucket. Infection control (especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic) and science are a big part of how we keep our clients’ premises safe and hygienic.

Did you know we’re highly trained and adaptable professional cleaners who regularly receive training in the latest innovative technology?

Electrostatic spraying technology is just one of the tools in our arsenal in the battle to keep environments safe.

Frequent checks and tests are done on all of our equipment to make sure what we use provides the best results. Cleaning isn’t just about making a space look tidy, it’s lifesaving.

Guaranteed work gives you guaranteed peace of mind. All our work is guaranteed, just call us on 0191 273 4600 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Helping our staff and clients perform the best they can through honest, hard work in a respectful and friendly way. We loyally support them, treating them fairly at all times, showing tolerance particularly when they are struggling. When we’re able to help others, we love to make a difference.

Investing in new kit regularly is a big part of what makes us the go-to supplier for commercial cleaning in the North. We recently invested in a ATP testing kit. This means we are cleaning non-clinical surroundings to the equivalent of 50-100 RLUs (relative light units), which is the standard for NHS public spaces.

Just like you, our team are doing everything we can to support our community during these unprecedented times. We’ve been reaching out to our valued customers whose homes we clean on a regular basis to see if we can help pick up their groceries or medicines during COVID-19.

Keeping APM Cleaning at the top of its game is Operations Director Sam Read.

Learning on the job is the best way to keep improving and provide a better service for our clients. It’s why we regularly receive high-worth referrals and five star recommendations.

Many of our commercial cleaning clients enjoy the peace of mind that APM Cleaning provide. For example, we come to your premises fully equipped with the correct equipment and a range of required cleaning solutions, so you don’t have to supply expensive cleaning solutions or have your equipment used.

No matter what, the first thing we value above everything is honesty. Accidents can happen. If they do, the first thing we’ll do is acknowledge the fact. Should any of your more valuable items be damaged or broken, we will leave a card behind to admit fault and let you know exactly what’s happened. Then we’ll take care of the hassle of replacing the objects by replacing the object on your behalf, simply obtain a replacement and we’ll reimburse you.

Outstanding customer service, excellent attention to detail, amazing flexibility and responsiveness is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Pandemics are another day at work for us. As key workers, APM Cleaning has signed up to the Infection Prevention Solutions Partnership Programme. It is our intention to utilise the training provided by qualified Infection Control Nurses, alongside a robust quality assurance process, to provide a cleaning service, which will meet and exceed Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards.

Qualified, trained staff with a ‘can do’ attitude coupled with strong supervisory and management teams is our secret to success.

Risk Assessments are part of every single job we do to keep you and our staff safe. 

Subcontracts for many major national development companies have helped us earn an enviable reputation across the North. Our client list ranges from building contractors, property developers, shop fitters, estate and letting agents, private landlords, offices and surgeries.

Training everyone, no matter how long they’ve been with us receive mandatory training on infection control, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations), manual handling and safeguarding. This is taking place remotely, where possible, via our online training portals during COVID-19.

Understanding your needs is what we’re excellent at. All cleaning will be arranged at a time agreed with you, which means you can carefully plan your schedule and leave the cleaning to us so that you can get on with your day.

Vision and values are important to us as a company so we can focus on being the best we can be and supporting our staff to thrive too.

We are a go-to supplier of cleaning services in the Social Housing Sector in the North of England. We maintain clean properties safely through an honest innovative and technology led approach.

X-ray eyes are what some clients refer to us as having! We tested all of our products with our ATP testing kits and found that chlorine gave the best disinfectant results, so as a business we moved to using chlorine tabs straight away following soil removal. To ensure a spotless finish that meets our high standards, we then clean glass and reflective surfaces a second time to ensure a non-streaky finish.

Your project will always be delivered on time at the agreed specification, whether it is domestic or commercial based.

Zapping germs is only part of what we do. Before every job, our team undertake a risk assessment to see whether a higher level of virus may be present (for example, where unwell individuals have slept in an Extra Care flat.) APM’s cleaners are classed as key workers in this crisis as we clean for Local Authorities in Extra Care facilities and Social Housing Providers developments, which makes us perfectly positioned to come in and give Care homes and offices in the north a deep clean to ensure hygiene levels are acceptable.