Yes we clean white goods

fridge-freezer-1_rotten-food-2-20160824We are equipped to tackle even the most challenging of circumstances.fridge-freezer-1_rotten-food-1-20160824

This fridge freezer had been switched off by the tenants who had forgotten to empty their food before doing so.  Unfortunately the food had been left for quite some time and started to decompose to such an extent that liquid started leaking out of the fridge onto the kitchen floor.

The Landlord called us because he couldn’t stomach the smell which had filled the entire house.  Once the team were dressed in PPE the decomposing food was removed safely into waterproof sealed bags using plastic shovels and the fridge was cleaned out and treated with antibacterial disinfectant.

The Landlord was delighted that he didn’t have to replace his fridge freezer and his property smelled fresh and ready for marketing.